Paula Moore, Federation Alzheimer's Coordinator

NARFE's Colorado Supports Alzheimer's Research -
"Someone to Stand by You"
Since 1985, NARFE members have played a major role in seeking a cure for Alzheimer's disease. Through its partnership with the Alzheimer's Association, NARFE supports research into the cause, prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease as well as a cure for Alzheimer's and related disorders. Public education on the need for research - our only tool for conquering the disease - also is an important focus.

What is Alzheimer's Disease?
Click here to view a 3 minute video
How can you fight it?
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Where to find help in Colorado?
Rosalyn Reese, Director of Diversity & inclusion can be reached at
303-813-1669 or
See for more information
Educational Materials for Chapters 
Chapters may order their own Alzheimer's literature directly from the Alzheimer's Association by mailing the form below (attn: Lauren Fritz), 225 North Michigan Ave., 17th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601 or by E-mail: The phone number is (312) 335-5828.

Information for Colorado Chapters 
Colorado Federation Alzheimer's Coordinator:
          Paula Moore
Phone: 719-676-3760
Click here for the NARFE Alzheimer's Chapter Coordinator's Manual.  

To Donate
Make your tax-deductible contribution payable to "NARFE Alzheimer’s Research" and include your chapter number on the check.  Give or sent your check to your chapter Alzheimer’s coordinator, who will record the donation and forward it to the federation Alzheimer’s coordinator.
Chapter coordiinators: Please use the following Transmittal Form when sending checks to the Federation Coordinator. 

Click here for a "Transmittal Form" for your donation

The Federarion Coordinator sends the checks and a submission form, to the Alzheimer's Association in Chicago for deposit to our Research Fund. This procedure ensures that both the chapter and the federation will have accurate records of donations and enables the Alzheimer's Association to proces the donations quickly and efficiently.  Always include your chapter number on checks and corespondance!

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