Congressional District Leaders

Purpose of Congressional District Leader

It is imperative that every Congressional District have one NARFE Congressional District Leader (CDL), even if several NARFE chapters are located therein. The CDL shall be appointed by the Federation Vice President Legislation or by recommendation of the Federation President. The CDL is expected to be the key NARFE representative who presents NARFE’s position to the Members of Congress and their staff representing that congressional district.  The CDL will coordinate legislative efforts among the NARFE chapters within the Congressional District.  The CDL term of office is two years starting January 1st of the new Congress (i.e., January 1 of the odd numbered years).

A CDL for every Congressional District must be identified and begin working as soon after the election as possible.  When a new Member of Congress is elected, it is vital that the appointed CDL pay a visit to the local office and educate the Member and his/her staff about NARFE and NARFE issues by providing position papers.  The CDL needs to routinely visit the local office and become well-known to the staff and to the extent possible, the Member.  The CDL will be compensated for expenses related to legislative efforts, such as mileage, postage and supplies authorized by the Federation Legislative Committee. 

Colorado Duties of the Congressional District Leader

1.Works under the general direction of the Colorado Federation Vice President for Legislation to solicit and gauge the collective will of NARFE members in the congressional district.

2.The Colorado Federation President will make appointments to the position for each 2-year session of Congress beginning January 1 of the first year and ending December 31 of the second year.  Appointees are expected to serve the entire 2-year congressional session.

 3. The Congressional District Leader (CDL) will reside and is a registered voter in the congressional district to which appointed as the CDL.

 4. Arranges for periodic meetings with the US Representative and/or staff to advocate for NARFE issues and to gain the Representatives sponsorship or co-sponsorship of issues that NARFE supports.

 5. Provides feedback from the US Representative and/or staff to NARFE members within the district.

 6. Attends NARFE-PAC events as determined by the VP for Legislation.

 7. Notifies NARFE members in the district of periodic meetings, town hall meetings or other events in which the Representative is participating.  Encourages NARFE members to wear NARFE attire (baseball caps, golf shirts, etc.) when attending these events.

 8. Attends the NARFE annual Legislative Training Conference and other training specific to national legislation.  The Colorado Federation will make every effort to fund, at least partially, attendance at these training opportunities.

 9. Provides a follow-up report on congressional meetings and events to the Colorado Federation President, VP for Legislation and the NARFE Legislative Department at

 10. Reimbursement of travel expenses for round trips of 10 miles or more at the rate of $.50 per mile may be made by filing an Expense Report with the Federation Treasurer.


Must be a registered voter and must reside in the respective Congressional District.

Must represent NARFE in a professional manner and dress should be casual business attire (no shorts, tank tops, sandals, etc.).

Must be familiar with current legislative issues.

Must be familiar with the NARFE organization.

Must be familiar with nearby chapters located in the congressional district

Should have access to email and the internet, and be familiar with the NARFE website, and Legislative Action Center. 

CDL Advocacy Leader Guide

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