Region VII Vice President

Representing Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming


 Sharon Reese, Region VII Vice President

Happy Holidays Colorado! I was installed as your Region VII Vice President by National President Ken Thomas on November 4th.  Installation took place as Rodney Adelman resigned on November 5th.   I have big shoes to fill as Rodney did an outstanding job as our RVP for the last 12 years.  I attended my first National Executive Board Meeting, via zoom, 15, 16 and 17 November.  Good-byes were said to 5 RVPs and the National President. Bill Shackelford goes from RVP to National President 1 January 2023 along with 4 other new RVPs.  I am not sure what date President Thomas will install the incoming board members but we plan to function immediately.  The next two years will prove very interesting as there are many actions that were left on the table to be handled by the incoming board.  The current plan is that the new NEB will have a meeting, hopefully in January, where we should hear the course of action that incoming National President Bill Shackelford wants us to go.  Some of the hot items are declining membership, reduction of regions, federation mergers, our broken IT system, operating budget, our headquarters building in Alexandria, appointments to standing committees, just to name a few.  Do these topics sound familiar? Just like the last few years however, we do not plan on kicking the can down the road.  We have big decisions to make to keep NARFE a viable organization. I will keep you abreast of issues that we are considering or will be voting on. Please keep me advised as to your concerns/questions on items affecting you, your chapter or federation, and the future of the organization.  We will be continuing some of our NEB meetings and possibly LEGcon via zoom. With all of these topics we must not lose site of our mission advocacy. We must continue to stay on top of every bill that affects our federal employees and retirees.  Our benefits are always in jeopardy when congress wants to reduce the national deficit!  Please stay diligent by talking or writing to all our congressmen/women and your senators.  The next two years will definitely be turbulent on the hill.  We must learn to work together no matter which political party you prefer.  We must keep all lines of communication open between all parties. I am looking forward to my two years representing you on the NEB!


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