Federal Benefits Institute

We know federal benefits are complicated and that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every fed. The NARFE Federal Benefits Institute is a members-only resource designed to help NARFE members take charge of their federal benefits. NARFE’s federal benefits experts provide assistance to help NARFE members resolve issues surrounding annuities, insurance, Medicare, Social Security and more. NARFE members have a responsive and reliable team of experts at their service, available by email, phone, or fax.

The Institute serves as a gateway to live and recorded learning events and valuable resources. For a limited time, these resources are available publicly.

 Vincent Galterio, Federation Service Officer
Chapter Service Officer Resources

NARFE’s chapter service officers provide local assistance with federal benefits questions.  

  Your Service Officer is an asset to your chapter by the assistance he or she gives to members regarding retirement issues or other related items. Give them all the praise you can.   

The service officer falls under the Federal Benifits Institute at the National Headquarters.  For more information Click here


Click here to download F-100 "Be Prepared for Like 's Events" 


81     Hortense
                                             Haney            303-750-8128
256           Ron Briggs                    970-493-2202
293           Mary Mcclanahan        303-944-6919
351           Wayne Smith                970-549-4777
820           Harold Garrett             303-772-0755
821            Susan Baldwin             970-443-9388
1054          Gilbert Carrillo           719-384-2661
1085          Vincent Galterio          303-233-3276

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