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  Your Service Officer is an asset to your chapter by the assistance he or she gives to members regarding retirement issues or other related items. Give them all the praise you can. Issues of all SOS Newsletters and a Directory of Topics are  available on line on the NARFE California Federation’s Website in Publications at: The Service Officer Service (SOS) newsletter has vital information that can be shared with every member but is very helpful for the service officer in his or her duties.  If you have a particular inquiry within the Service Officer area, first scan the "Directory of Topics in SOS Newsletters" for that subject and then you can go back and find that article within that quarterly newsletter indicated.New Service Officer BLOG. The Service Officers Bulletin Board or SOBB can be accessed at What is a 'blog'? The word blog is a blend of the older term 'weblog' and is a website where you can enter comments that are commonly displayed and read by other users who have access to the blog. With a blog, you can access the site anytime the system is available.

Current Service Officers can now create their own messages instead of commenting on existing ones found under the 4 different categories. When you log on just click on “Create New Entry” and a screen will come up that allows you to title and write your message. David Snell, Director, Retirement Benefits Service Department suggests that you should give it a try – your will like it.

Click here to download Service Officer Jan 2016 Newsletter

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